A genus of snails, species of which are invertebrate hosts for the liver or sheep liver fluke, Fasciola hepatica, and other trematodes. [G. limne, marsh]

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Lym·naea lim-'nē-ə, 'lim-nē-ə n a genus of snails formerly almost coextensive with the family Lymnaeidae but now comprising comparatively few species of dextrally coiled freshwater snails that include some medically important intermediate hosts of flukes compare FOSSARIA, GALBA

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Lym·naea (lim-neґə) a genus of pond snails of the order Lymneidae. L. olluґla and L. bulimoiґdes serve as first intermediate hosts of the liver fluke Fasciola hepatica; other species are the hosts of schistosome flukes that cause schistosome dermatitis.

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