The spores of L. clavatum (family Lycopodiaceae) and other species of L.; a yellow, tasteless, and odorless powder; was used as a dusting powder and in pharmacy to prevent the agglutination of pills in a box. SYN: club moss, vegetable sulfur. [G. lykos, wolf, + pous, foot]

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ly·co·po·di·um .lī-kə-'pōd-ē-əm n
1 a) cap a large genus of erect or creeping club mosses with reduced or scalelike evergreen leaves
b) any club moss of the genus Lycopodium
2) a fine yellowish flammable powder composed of lycopodium spores and used as a dusting powder for the skin and for the surface of hand-rolled pills

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Ly·co·po·di·um (li″ko-poґde-əm) [Gr. lykos wolf + pous foot] the club mosses, a genus of mosses. L. clavaґtum and other species are sources of lycopodium.

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