Transformation of the mature ovarian follicle and its theca interna into a corpus luteum after ovulation; formation of luteal tissue, which appears yellow in some species.

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lu·tein·iza·tion or chiefly Brit lu·tein·isa·tion .lüt-ē-ən-ə-'zā-shən, .lü-.tēn- n the process of forming corpora lutea
lu·tein·ize also Brit lu·tein·ise 'lüt-ē-ə-.nīz, 'lü-.tē-.nīz vb, -ized also Brit -ised; -iz·ing also Brit -is·ing

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lu·te·in·iza·tion (loo″te-in″ĭ-zaґshən) the process by which a postovulatory ovarian follicle transforms into a corpus luteum through vascularization, follicular cell hypertrophy, and lipid accumulation, the latter in some species giving the yellow color indicated by the term.

Luteinization, beginning after rupture of the ovarian follicle in ovulation (A) and progressing through vascularization and hypertrophy of the maturing corpus luteum (B, C); it is followed by regression (D) to the corpus albicans (E).

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