Rarely used term for abnormal or pathologic talkativeness or garrulousness. [logo- + G. rhoia, a flow]

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log·or·rhea or chiefly Brit log·or·rhoea .lȯg-ə-'rē-ə, .läg- n pathologically excessive and often incoherent talkativeness or wordiness that is characteristic esp. of the manic phase of bipolar disorder
log·or·rhe·ic or chiefly Brit log·or·rhoe·ic -'rē-ik adj

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log·or·rhea (log″o-reґə) [logo- + -rrhea] excessive volubility, with rapid, pressured speech, as seen in manic episodes of bipolar disorder and in some types of schizophrenia. Called also agitolalia, agitophasia, pressured speech, tachylalia, tachyphasia, and verbomania.

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