The presence of an abnormally high concentration of lipids in the circulating blood. SYN: hyperlipidemia, hyperlipoidemia, lipidemia, lipoidemia. [lipid + G. haima, blood]
- alimentary l. relatively transient l. occurring after the ingestion of foods with a large content of fat. SYN: postprandial l..
- diabetic l. development of lactescent plasma upon ingestion of dietary lipids; a rare manifestation of uncontrolled diabetes mellitus caused by defective metabolism of dietary lipids and abolished by the administration of insulin.
- postprandial l. SYN: alimentary l..
- l. retinalis a creamy appearance of the retinal blood vessel s that occurs when the lipids of the blood exceed 5%.

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li·pe·mia or chiefly Brit li·pae·mia li-'pē-mē-ə n the presence of an excess of fats or lipids in the blood specif HYPERCHOLESTEROLEMIA
li·pe·mic or chiefly Brit li·pae·mic -mik adj

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lip·emia (lĭ-peґme-ə) hyperlipidemia. lipemic adj

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