1. Application of a ligature. 2. The act of binding or annealing. [L. ligatio, fr. ligo, to bind]
- blunt-end l. a reaction that joins two DNA duplexes directly at their blunt ends.
- enzyme-catalyzed l. an enzyme-mediated joining of phosphodiester linkage of two stretches of DNA or RNA, or of peptide linkage of two polypeptides.
- pole l. a l. at the root of an organ to shut off or diminish blood supply.
- surgical l. in dentistry, the surgical exposure of an unerupted tooth so that a metal ligature can be placed around its cervix and fastened to an orthodontic appliance to facilitate eruption.
- tooth l. the binding together of teeth with wire for stabilization and immobilization following traumatic injury or orthognathic surgery, or during periodontal therapy.
- tubal l. interruption of the continuity of the oviducts by cutting, cautery, or by a plastic or metal device to prevent future conception.

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li·ga·tion lī-'gā-shən n
1 a) the surgical process of tying up an anatomical channel (as a blood vessel)
b) the process of joining together chemical chains (as of DNA or protein)
2) something that binds: LIGATURE

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the application of a ligature.

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li·ga·tion (li-gaґshən) [L. ligatio] 1. the application of a ligature. 2. the process of annealing or joining, such as the DNA ligase–catalyzed joining of two DNA fragments to form a recombinant molecule.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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