An absence of pigment, partial or total, in the skin. SYN: hypomelanosis, leukopathia, leukopathy. [leuko- + G. derma, skin]
- acquired l. SYN: vitiligo.
- l. acquisitum centrifugum SYN: halo nevus.
- l. colli SYN: syphilitic l..
- syphilitic l. a fading of the roseola of secondary syphilis, leaving reticulated depigmented and hyperpigmented areas located chiefly on the sides of the neck. SYN: l. colli, melanoleukoderma colli.

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leu·ko·der·ma or chiefly Brit leu·co·der·ma .lü-kə-'dər-mə n a skin abnormality that is characterized by a usu. congenital lack of pigment in spots or bands and produces a patchy whiteness compare VITILIGO

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leu·ko·der·ma (loo″ko-durґmə) [leuko- + derma] any of various acquired types of hypomelanosis; called also leukodermia, leukopathia, and leukopathy. leukodermatous, leukodermic adj

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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