leptomeninges, leptomeninx

SYN: leptomeninx. [lepto- + G. meninx, pl. meninges, membrane]

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  • leptomeninx — lep·to·me·ninx mē .niŋ(k)s, men iŋ(k)s n LEPTOMENINGES * * * lep·to·men·inx (lep″to menґinks) [lepto + meninx] [TA] singular of leptomeninges. NOTE: In official nomenclature, this term is used as the preferred term when contrasting this… …   Medical dictionary

  • leptomeninges — lep·to·me·nin·ges mə nin (.)jēz n pl the pia mater and the arachnoid considered together as investing the brain and spinal cord called also leptomeninx, pia arachnoid * * * pl. n. the inner two meninges: the arachnoid and pia mater. * * *… …   Medical dictionary

  • pia-arachnoid — SYN: leptomeninx. * * * pia arach·noid .pī ə ə rak .nȯid, .pē also pia arach·noid·al ə .rak nȯid əl or pi·arach·noid .pī ə rak , .pē adj of, relating to, or being the leptomeninges pia arachnoid also piarachnoid n LEPTOMENINGES * * * pia… …   Medical dictionary

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