An obsolete instrument for recording wavelike motions or modulation, especially for recording variations in blood pressure; it consists of a drum usually revolved by clockwork and covered with smoked paper upon which the curve is inscribed by a stylet or other writing point. [G. kyma, wave, + grapho, to record]

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ky·mo·graph -.graf n a device which graphically records motion or pressure esp a recording device including an electric motor or clockwork that drives a usu. slowly revolving drum which carries a roll of plain or smoked paper and also having an arrangement for tracing on the paper by means of a stylus a graphic record of motion or pressure (as of the organs of speech, blood pressure, or respiration) often in relation to particular intervals of time
ky·mo·graph·ic .kī-mə-'graf-ik adj
ky·mog·ra·phy kī-'mäg-rə-fē n, pl -phies

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an instrument for recording the flow and varying pressure of the blood within the blood vessels.
kymography n.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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