Having to do with sexual excitement toward the same sex. The opposite is heteroerotic.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • alloerotic — adjective sexual desire of or attraction to another person of any gender It is this loss of gratification whether autoerotic or alloerotic (involving another person such as the mother) that Lacan refers to as castration. Syn: heteroerotic Ant …   Wiktionary

  • alloerotic — |alō ̷ ̷| ̷ ̷ ̷ ̷ adjective Etymology: all + erotic : of or relating to alloerotism alloerotic impulses …   Useful english dictionary

  • alloerotic — al·lo·erot·ic …   English syllables

  • Heteroerotic — Having to do with sexual excitement toward the opposite sex. By contrast with alloerotic. * * * het·ero·erot·ic (het″er o ĕ rotґik) 1. pertaining to or characterized by heteroeroticism. 2. alloerotic …   Medical dictionary

  • Lolicon — art often blends childlike characteristics with erotic undertones. Lolicon (ロリコン?), also romanised as lolikon or rorikon …   Wikipedia

  • Phallografie — Die Phallografie (oder Phallographie, von Phallus (erigierter Penis) und graphein = schreiben, zeichnen) bezeichnet die medizinische Messung und Aufzeichnung von Erektionen. Bei der Phallografie wird ein Messinstrument (Erektometer,… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Lolicon — Este artículo o sección necesita referencias que aparezcan en una publicación acreditada, como revistas especializadas, monografías, prensa diaria o páginas de Internet fidedignas. Puedes añadirlas así o avisar …   Wikipedia Español

  • alloeroticism — noun The state or quality of being alloerotic Ant: autoeroticism See Also: heteroeroticism, homoeroticism …   Wiktionary

  • alloeroticism — al·lo·erot·i·cism (al″o ə rotґĭ siz əm) [allo + eroticism] 1. sexual feeling directed to another person. 2. the final stage in the development of object relationships, a state of maturity, characterized both by direction of… …   Medical dictionary

  • heteroerotic — |hed.ə(ˌ)rō+ adjective Etymology: heter + erotic : alloerotic …   Useful english dictionary

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