Fragmentation of the nucleus whereby its chromatin is distributed irregularly throughout the cytoplasm; a stage of necrosis usually followed by karyolysis. SYN: karyoclasis. [karyo- + G. rhexis, rupture]

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kar·y·or·rhex·is .kar-ē-ȯr-'ek-səs n, pl -rhex·es -.sēz a degenerative cellular process involving fragmentation of the nucleus and the breakup of the chromatin into unstructured granules compare KARYOLYSIS

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kary·or·rhex·is (kar″e-o-rekґsis) [karyo- + -rrhexis] fragmentation of a pyknotic cell nucleus in which the chromatin disintegrates into formless granules; it is followed by dissolution (karyolysis, def. 2).

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