Symbol for rate constants, under constant or velocity constants, under constant; Boltzmann constant.
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absolute zero; a burst of diphasic slow waves in response to stimuli during sleep [in electroencephalography]; capsular antigen [Ger. Kapsel, capsule]; carrying capacity; cathode; coefficient; constant; constant improvement factor [in imaging]; electron capture; electrostatic capacity; equilibrium constant; ionization constant; kallikrein inhibiting unit; kanamycin; Kell factor; kelvin; kerma; kidney; Kilham [virus]; killer [cell]; kilo-; kilodalton; kinetic energy; Klebsiella; knee; lysine; modulus of compression; the number 1024 in computer core memory; potassium [Lat. kalium]; vitamin K

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2) [New Latin kalium] potassium
3) kelvin

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kelvin; lysine; potassium (L. kaґlium).

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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