1. SYN: joint. 2. SYN: junction. [L. a joining]
- j. cartilaginea [TA] SYN: cartilaginous joint.
- j. fibrosa [TA] SYN: fibrous joint.
- j. lumbosacralis SYN: lumbosacral joint.
- juncturae membri inferioris liberi SYN: synovial joints of free lower limb, under joint.
- juncturae membri superioris SYN: joints of pectoral girdle, under joint.
- juncturae membri superioris liberi SYN: synovial joints of free upper limb, under joint.
- juncturae ossium alternative name for articulationes. See articulatio.
- j. sacrococcygea SYN: sacrococcygeal joint.
- j. synovialis [TA] SYN: synovial joint.
- juncturae tendinum SYN: intertendinous connections of extensor digitorum, under connection.
- juncturae zygapophysiales SYN: zygapophysial joints, under joint.

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junc·tu·ra (junk-tooґrə) pl. junctuґrae [L. “a joining”] [TA] joint; see also articulatio. (in the pl.) articular system: official terminology for the joints of the body considered collectively. Called also systema articulare [TA alternative].

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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