A passage leading from one anatomic part to another. SEE ALSO: canaliculus. [L. i. (itiner-), a way, journey]
- i. chordae anterius SYN: anterior canaliculus of chorda tympani.
- i. chordae posterius SYN: posterior canaliculus of chorda tympani.
- i. dentis the route or routes by which one or more teeth erupt. SYN: i. dentium.
- i. dentium SYN: i. dentis.
- i. a tertio ad quartum ventriculum SYN: cerebral aqueduct. [L. path from the third to the fourth ventricle]

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iter 'īt-ər, 'it- n an anatomical passage specif AQUEDUCT OF SYLVIUS

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(iґtər) [L.] a way or tubular passage. iteral adj

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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