A rash. The word “exanthem” comes from the Greek “exanthema” which means “a breaking out.” “Anthos” in Greek is “a flower,” particularly a flower blossom, so a child breaking out with an rash is likened to a flower bursting into bloom.
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SYN: exanthema.

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ex·an·them eg-'zan(t)-thəm, 'ek-.san-.them or ex·an·the·ma .eg-.zan-'thē-mə n, pl -thems also -them·a·ta .eg-.zan-'them-ət-ə or -themas an eruptive disease (as measles) or its symptomatic eruption
ex·an·them·a·tous .eg-.zan-'them-ət-əs or ex·an·the·mat·ic -.zan-thə-'mat-ik adj

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a rash or eruption, such as that occurring in measles. Exanthem subitum is another name for roseola (infantum).
exanthematous adj.

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ex·an·them (eg-zanґthəm) [Gr. exanthēma] 1. a disease in which skin eruptions or rashes are a prominent manifestation. Classically, six exanthems of childhood were described that had similar rashes, and were numbered in the order in which they were reported: first disease was measles; second disease was scarlet fever; third disease was rubella; fourth disease was found to be a mild type of scarlet fever; fifth disease was erythema infectiosum; and sixth disease was exanthema subitum. Only the last two designations are still used. 2. rash.

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