1. [TA] SYN: intestine. 2. Inward; inner. [neuter of intestinus] [L. intestinus, internal, ntr. as noun, the entrails, fr. intus, within]
- i. cecum SYN: cecum (1).
- i. crassum [TA] SYN: large intestine.
- i. ileum twisted intestine. See ileum.
- i. jejunum empty intestine. See jejunum.
- i. rectum straight intestine. See rectum.
- i. tenue [TA] SYN: small intestine.
- i. tenue mesenteriale SYN: mesenteric portion of small intestine.

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in·tes·ti·num (in″tes-tiґnəm) pl. intestiґna [L., from intestinus inward, internal] intestine: the portion of the alimentary canal extending from the pyloric opening of the stomach to the anus; it is a membranous tube, comprising the intestinum tenue (small intestine) and intestinum crassum (large intestine). Its function is to complete the processes of digestion; to provide the body (through absorption) with water, electrolytes, and nutrients; and to move along and store fecal wastes until they are expelled. Called also bowel and gut.

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