1. A state marked by slow development of mind and body. SYN: infantile dwarfism. 2. Childishness, as characterized by a temper tantrum of an adolescent or adult. 3. Underdevelopment of the sexual organs.
- Brissaud i. SYN: infantile hypothyroidism.
- dysthyroidal i. SYN: infantile hypothyroidism.
- hepatic i. delayed development as a result of liver disease.
- hypophysial i. growth hormone deficiency due to failure of hypothalamic growth hormone-releasing hormone (also known as somatocrinin.)
- hypothyroid i. SYN: infantile hypothyroidism.
- idiopathic i. dwarfism generally associated with hypogonadism; may be caused by deficient secretion of anterior pituitary hormones. SYN: Lorain disease, proportionate i., universal i..
- Lorain-Lévi i. SYN: pituitary dwarfism.
- myxedematous i. SYN: infantile hypothyroidism.
- pancreatic i. i. associated with deficiency or absence of pancreatic secretion.
- pituitary i. SYN: pituitary dwarfism.
- proportionate i. SYN: idiopathic i..
- renal i. SYN: renal rickets.
- sexual i. failure to develop secondary sexual characteristics after the normal time of puberty.
- static i. a condition observed in young children resembling spastic spinal paralysis; it is marked by hypotonia of the muscles of the trunk and hypertonia of the muscles of the extremities.
- tubal i. a term descriptive of a corkscrew-like fallopian tube as seen in fetal life.
- universal i. SYN: idiopathic i..

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in·fan·til·ism 'in-fən-.tīl-.iz-əm, -tə-.liz-; in-'fan-təl-.iz- n retention of childish physical, mental, or emotional qualities in adult life esp failure to attain sexual maturity

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persistence of childlike physical or psychological characteristics into adult life.

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in·fan·ti·lism (inґfən-tĭ-liz″əm) (in-fanґtĭ-liz″əm) persistence of the characteristics of childhood into adult life; it is marked by mental retardation, underdevelopment of the sexual organs, and often, but not always, dwarfism. Cf. progeria.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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