Genus of tapeworm (order Cyclophyllidae) first recognized in humans in 1935; an arthropod is thought to be involved in transmission (rodent to human, human to human).
- I. madagascariensis cestode often seen as human infection in Cuba in children 1–3 yrs old, causing vague intestinal symptoms; suspected arthropod vector; proglottids, eggs, and egg capsules resemble those of Raillietina spp.

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In·er·mi·cap·si·fer in-.ər-mə-'kap-sə-fər n a genus of tapeworms of the family Anoplocephalidae that are parasitic in African and Central American rodents and occas. in humans

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In·er·mi·cap·si·fer (in-ur″mĭ-kapґsĭ-fər) a genus of tapeworms of the family Linstowiidae, usually parasitic in hyraxes and rodents in Africa. I. arvicanґthidis has been found in humans in Cuba and Central America.

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