1. In psychoanalysis, one of three components of the psychic apparatus in the freudian structural framework, the other two being the ego and superego. It is completely in the unconscious realm, is unorganized, is the reservoir of psychic energy or libido, and is under the influence of the primary processes. 2. The total of all psychic energy available from the innate biologic hungers, appetites, bodily needs, drives and impulses, in a newborn infant; through socialization this diffuse undirected energy becomes channeled in less egocentric and more socially responsive directions (development of the ego from the i.). [L. i., that]
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identification; identifier; idiotype; iditol dehydrogenase; immunodeficiency; immunodiffusion; immunoglobulin deficiency; inappropriate disability; incapacitating dose; inclusion disease; index of discrimination; individual dose; infant death; infectious disease; infective dose; inhibitory dose; initial diagnosis; initial dose; initial dyskinesia; injected dose; inside diameter; interdigitating; interhemispheric disconnection; internal diameter; interstitial disease; intradermal; intraduodenal

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ID abbr
1) identification
2) inside diameter; internal diameter
3) intradermal

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(in psychoanalysis) a part of the unconscious mind governed by the instinctive forces of libido and the death wish. These violent forces seek immediate release in action or in symbolic form. The id is therefore said to be governed by the pleasure principle and not by the demands of reality or of logic. In the course of individual development some of the functions of the id are taken over by the ego.

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intradermal; inside diameter; infective dose.

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