Reduced metabolism. SEE ALSO: hypometabolic state.
- euthyroid h. an unusual condition resembling myxedema but with an apparently normal thyroid gland.

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hy·po·me·tab·o·lism .hī-pō-mə-'tab-ə-.liz-əm n a condition (as in myxedema or hypothyroidism) marked by an abnormally low metabolic rate
hy·po·meta·bol·ic -.met-ə-'bäl-ik adj

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hy·po·me·tab·o·lism (hi″po-mə-tabґo-liz-əm) [hypo- + metabolism] abnormally decreased utilization of any substance by the body in metabolism; low basal metabolic rate. hypometabolic adj

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