Abnormally low concentration of fibrinogen in the circulating blood plasma.

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hy·po·fi·brin·o·gen·emia or chiefly Brit hy·po·fi·brin·o·gen·ae·mia -fī-.brin-ə-jə-'nē-mē-ə n an abnormal deficiency of fibrinogen in the blood
hy·po·fi·brin·o·gen·emic or chiefly Brit hy·po·fi·brin·o·gen·ae·mic -'nē-mik adj

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hy·po·fi·brin·o·gen·emia (hi″po-fi-brin″o-jə-neґme-ə) abnormally low levels of fibrinogen in the blood; called also fibrinogenopenia.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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