A condition in which one or another component of complement is lacking or reduced in amount; associated with immune complex diseases and cases of membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis in which nephritic factor is present. Various autosomal forms are known, domimant [MIM*120550 and MIM*120980] and recessive [MIM*216950 and MIM*217070].

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hy·po·com·ple·men·te·mia or chiefly Brit hy·po·com·ple·men·tae·mia -.käm-plə-(.)men-'tē-mē-ə n an abnormal deficiency of complement in the blood
hy·po·com·ple·men·te·mic or chiefly Brit hy·po·com·ple·men·tae·mic -'tē-mik adj

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hy·po·com·ple·men·te·mia (hi″po-kom″plə-men-teґme-ə) abnormally low levels of complement in the blood. hypocomplementemic adj

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