Growth of hair in excess of the normal. SEE ALSO: hirsutism. SYN: hypertrichiasis. [hyper- + G. trichosis, being hairy]
- h. lanuginosa excessive growth of lanugo hair associated with internal malignancy.
- nevoid h. congenital growth of hair abnormal for its site, texture, color, or length; often associated with congenital melanocytic nevi.
- h. partialis abnormally excessive hair growth in patches in unusual areas.
- h. universalis generalized excessive hair growth.

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hy·per·tri·cho·sis .hī-pər-tri-'kō-səs n, pl -cho·ses -.sēz excessive growth of hair

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excessive growth of hair (see hirsutism).

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hy·per·tri·cho·sis (hi″pər-trĭ-koґsis) [hyper- + trich- + -osis] excessive growth of the hair. Called also polytrichia and polytrichosis. Cf. hirsutism.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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