Abnormal acuteness of sensitivity to touch, pain, or other sensory stimuli. [hyper- + G. aisthesis, sensation]
- auditory h. SYN: hyperacusis.
- cervical h. the hypersensitivity of teeth in the cervical area due to exposure of the dentin.
- muscular h. sensitiveness of the muscles to pressure.
- olfactory h., h. olfactoria SYN: hyperosmia.
- h. optica extreme sensitivity of the eyes to light. See photophobia, photosensitivity.
- tactile h. SYN: hyperaphia.

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hy·per·es·the·sia or chiefly Brit hy·per·aes·the·sia .hī-pə-res-'thē-zh(ē-)ə n unusual or pathological sensitivity of the skin or of a particular sense to stimulation <tactile \hyperesthesia of the leg>
hy·per·es·thet·ic or chiefly Brit hy·per·aes·thet·ic -'thet-ik adj

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hy·per·es·the·sia (hi″pər-es-theґzhə) [hyper- + esthesia] a dysesthesia consisting of increased sensitivity, particularly a painful sensation from a normally painless touch stimulus. Cf. hyperalgesia. hyperesthetic adj

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