A class of coelenterates or jellyfishes, including Hydra, a freshwater polyp, Physalia, the “Portuguese man-of-war,” Millepora, a stinging coral, and the sea wasps, Chironex heckeri and Chiropsalmus quadrigatus, whose stings can cause severe wheals, pain, and skin necrosis, and occasionally rapid death from respiratory and cardiac depression. [hydro- + G. zoon, animal]

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Hy·dro·zoa .hī-drə-'zō-ə n pl a class of coelenterates that includes various simple and compound polyps and jellyfishes having no stomodeum or gastric tentacles

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Hy·dro·zoa (hi″drə-zoґə) [Gr. Hydra a mythical nine-headed monster + zoon animal] a class of invertebrates of the phylum Cnidaria, usually possessing colonial branching polyps and small medusa-like bodies. It includes the poisonous genera Gonionemus, Millepora, and Physalia.

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