Accumulation of serous fluid in the fallopian tube, often an end result of pyosalpinx. SYN: hydrops tubae. [hydro- + G. salpinx, trumpet]
- intermittent h. intermittent discharge of watery fluid from the oviduct. SYN: hydrops tubae profluens.

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hy·dro·sal·pinx -'sal-(.)piŋ(k)s n, pl -sal·pin·ges -sal-'pin-(.)jēz abnormal distension of one or both fallopian tubes with fluid usu. due to inflammation

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the accumulation of watery fluid in one of the Fallopian tube, which becomes swollen.

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hy·dro·sal·pinx (hi″dro-salґpinks) [hydro- + salpinx] a collection of watery fluid in a uterine tube, occurring as the end stage of pyosalpinx.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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