Abbreviation for haptoglobin.
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halogen phosphorus; handicapped person; haptoglobin; hard palate; Harvard pump; health profession(al); health profile; health promotion; heat production; heel to patella; Helicobacter pylori; hemiparkinsonism; hemipelvectomy; hemiplegia; hemoperfusion; Hemophilus pleuropneumoniae; heparin; hepatic porphyria; high permeability; high potency; high power; high pressure; high protein; highly purified; horizontal plane; horsepower; hospital participation; hot pack; house physician; human pituitary; hydrophilicpetrolatum;hydrostaticpressure; hydroxypyruvate; hyperparathyroidism; hypersensitivity pneumonitis; hypophoria

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house physician.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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