1. The blood and lymph, in the sense of a “circulating tissue.” 2. The nutrient fluid of certain invertebrates. [hemo- + L. lympha, clear water]

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he·mo·lymph or chiefly Brit hae·mo·lymph 'hē-mə-.lim(p)f n the circulatory fluid of various invertebrate animals that is functionally comparable to the blood and lymph of vertebrates

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he·mo·lymph (heґmo-limf″) [hemo- + lymph] 1. the blood and lymph. 2. the bloodlike fluid moving through the hemocoelom of those invertebrates (e.g., mollusks, arthropods, and tunicates) with open circulatory systems, which combines the properties of blood and lymphlike interstitial fluid.

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