A stream of water directed at any part of the body or any body cavity, often into the vagina, for cleansing or medicinal purposes. A douche can be with a simple solution of vinegar in water. Some commercial douche solutions have somewhat more romantic names than vinegar (names such as Country Flowers, Fresh Baby Powder, Fresh Mountain Breeze, Spring Rain Freshness, etc.). Douching has been done for many, many years. However, there is currently concern that it may sometimes cause problems. It may mask, or even worsen, conditions such as bacterial or yeast infection of the vagina. Even more seriously, douching is associated with an increased risk of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). It is also associated with an increased risk of an ectopic pregnancy (probably due to PID). "Douche" is the French word for "shower." French, being a Latin language, took the word from the Latin — from ducere, ductum, meaning to lead or conduct (water).
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1. A current of water, gas, or vapor directed against a surface or projected into a cavity. 2. An instrument for giving a d.. 3. To apply a d.. [Fr. fr. doucher, to pour]

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douche 'düsh n
1 a) a jet or current of liquid (as a cleansing solution) directed against or into a bodily part or cavity (as the vagina)
b) an act of cleansing with a douche
2) a device for giving douches
douche vb, douched; douch·ing vt to administer or apply a douche to vi to take a douche

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a forceful jet of water used for cleaning any part of the body, most commonly the vagina. A vaginal douche is extremely unreliable as a method of contraception.

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(dsh) [Fr.] a stream of water or gas directed against a part of the body or into a cavity.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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