A belt; a zone. A structure that has the form of a belt or g.. SYN: cingulum (1) [TA]. [A.S. gyrdel]
- Hitzig g. SYN: tabetic cuirass.
- Neptune g. a wet pack applied around the abdomen.
- pectoral g. [TA] the incomplete bony ring, formed by the clavicles and the scapulae, that supports the upper limb, attaching its appendicular skeleton to the axial skeleton (manubrium sterni). SYN: cingulum pectorale [TA], cingulum membri superioris, shoulder g., thoracic g..
- pelvic g. [TA] the right and left hip bones, joined at the pubic symphysis, by which the appendicular skeleton of the lower limbs is attached to the axial skeleton (sacrum), which in so doing forms a bony ring; the bony pelvis. SYN: cingulum pelvici [TA], cingulum membri inferioris.
- thoracic g. SYN: pectoral g..
- white limbal g. of Vogt symmetric arcuate yellow-white deposits in the peripheral cornea often seen in patients over age forty.

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gir·dle 'gərd-ə1 n either of two more or less complete bony rings at the anterior and posterior ends of the vertebrate trunk supporting the arms and legs respectively:

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(in anatomy) an encircling or arching arrangement of bones. See also pelvic girdle, shoulder girdle.

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gir·dle (gurґdəl) 1. an encircling structure or part. 2. cingulum.

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