1. A small bud that projects from the parent cell, and finally becomes detached, forming a cell of a new generation. 2. SYN: dendritic spines, under spine. [L. gemmula, dim. of gemma, bud]
- Hoboken gemmules SYN: Hoboken nodules, under nodule.

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gem·mule 'jem-(.)yü(ə)l n
1) a theoretical particle in the theory of pangenesis that is shed by a somatic cell and contains all the information necessary to reproduce that cell type (as in an offspring)
2) a minute thorny process of a nerve-cell dendrite

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gem·mule (jemґūl) [L. gemmula, dim. of gemma bud] 1. a reproductive bud; the immediate product of gemmation (budding). 2. any of numerous small excrescences on the dendrites of a neuron; they are particularly common on Purkinje cells and pyramidal cells. Called also dendritic spine.

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