A liver enzyme that catalyzes the reaction of ATP and d-fructose to form fructose 6-phosphate and ADP; deficient in individuals with essential fructosuria (hepatic f. deficiency).

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fruc·to·kin·ase .frək-tō-'kīn-.ās, -'kin-, -.āz, .fru̇k- n a kinase that catalyzes the transfer of phosphate groups to fructose

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fruc·to·ki·nase (frook″to-kiґnās) an enzyme of the transferase class that catalyzes the ATP-dependent phosphorylation of fructose to form fructose 1-phosphate as an initial step in the utilization of fructose. The enzyme is present in the liver, intestine, and kidney cortex. Deficiency of the enzyme, an autosomal recessive trait, causes essential fructosuria. In official nomenclature, called ketohexokinase [EC].

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