1. An impression of the inked bulb of the distal phalanx of a finger, showing the configuration of the surface ridges, used as a means of identification. SEE ALSO: dermatoglyphics, Galton system of classification of fingerprints. 2. Term, sometimes used informally, referring to any analytic method capable of making fine distinctions between similar compounds or gel patterns; e.g., the pattern of an infrared absorption curve or of a two-dimensional paper chromatograph. 3. In genetics, the analysis of DNA fragments to determine the identity of an individual or the paternity of a child. SYN: genetic f..
- Galton system of classification of fingerprints a system of classification based on the variations in the patterns of the ridges, which are grouped into arches, loops, and whorls (A.L.W. or arch-loop-whorl system). “Arches are formed when the ridges run from one side to the other of the bulb of the digit, without making any backward turn, but no twist; whorls, when there is a turn through at least one complete circle; they are also considered to include all duplex spirals.” The abbreviations used in making a record of fingerprints are: a, arch; l, loop; w, whorl; i, loop with an inner (thumb side) slope; o, loop with an outer (little-finger side) slope. The ten digits are registered in four groups as follows, distinguished by capital letters: A, the fore, middle, and ring fingers of the right hand; B, the fore, middle, and ring fingers of the left hand; C, the thumb and little finger of the right hand; D, the thumb and little finger of the left hand. SEE ALSO: dermatoglyphics.
- genetic f. SYN: f. (3).

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fin·ger·print -.print n
1) the impression of a fingertip on any surface esp an ink impression of the lines on the fingertip taken for purpose of identification
2) analytical evidence (as a spectrogram) that characterizes an object or substance esp the chromatogram or electrophoretogram obtained by cleaving a protein by enzymatic action and subjecting the resulting collection of peptides to two-dimensional chromatography or electrophoresis compare DNA FINGERPRINTING
fingerprint vt to analyze (as spectrographically or chromatographically) in order to determine uniquely the identifying characteristics, origin, or constitution of <each protein was \fingerprinted>
fin·ger·print·ing n

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the distinctive pattern of minute ridges in the outer horny layer of the skin. Every individual has a unique pattern of loops (70%), whorls (25%), or arches (5%). Fingerprint patterns can show the presence of inherited disorders. See also dermatoglyphics.

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fin·ger·print (fingґgər-print) 1. an impression of the cutaneous ridges of the fleshy distal portion of a finger; such records (as well as prints of hand or foot) are used as means of establishing identification. 2. the image obtained from fingerprinting (q.v.) of proteins or nucleic acids. 3. the infrared absorption spectrum of a molecule.

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