1. Extreme fatigue; inability to respond to stimuli. 2. Removal of contents; using up of a supply of anything. 3. Extraction of the active constituents of a drug by treating with water, alcohol, or other solvent. [L. ex-haurio, pp. -haustus, to draw out, empty]
- heat e. a form of reaction to heat, marked by prostration, weakness, and collapse, resulting from severe dehydration.

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ex·haus·tion ig-'zȯs-chən n
1) the act or process of exhausting: the state of being exhausted <suffered from physical and mental \exhaustion> see heat exhaustion
2) neurosis following overstrain or overexertion esp. in military combat

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ex·haus·tion (eg-zawsґchən) [ex- + L. haurire to drain] 1. a state of extreme mental or physical fatigue. 2. the state of being drained, emptied, consumed, or used up.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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