Protrusion of some part or organ from its normal position. [L. e, out, + vagina, sheath]

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evag·i·na·tion i-.vaj-ə-'nā-shən n
1) a process of turning outward or inside out <\evagination of a plasma membrane>
2) a part or structure that is produced by evagination called also outpocketing, outpouching
evag·i·nate i-'vaj-ə-.nāt vt, -nat·ed; -nat·ing

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the protrusion of a part or organ from a sheathlike covering or by eversion of its inner surface.

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evag·i·na·tion (e-vaj″ĭ-naґshən) obtrusion of a layer or part to form a pouch.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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