β-E.; 17β-e.; the most potent naturally occurring estrogen in mammals, formed by the ovary, placenta, testis, and possibly the adrenal cortex; therapeutic indications for e. are those typical of an estrogen. α-E. (17α-e.), exhibits considerably less biologic activity. E. is used in the treatment of menstrual disorders, menopause problems, etc. SYN: estrogenic hormone, oestradiol.
- e. benzoate fatty acid esters of 17β-e. usually dissolved in oil for injection purposes; such esters exhibit a longer duration of action than does the unesterified steroid.
- e. cypionate has the same actions and uses as e. but a prolonged duration of action; administered in oil by intramuscular injection.
- e. dipropionate an esterified natural estrogen for parenteral use.
- ethinyl e. SYN: ethynyl e..
- ethynyl e. a semisynthetic derivative of 17β-e.; active by mouth, with a long half-life, it is among the most potent of known estrogenic compounds; used in oral contraceptive preparations. SYN: ethinyl e..
- e. undecylate an esterified natural estrogen for parenteral use.
- e. valerate same actions and uses as e., but with a prolonged duration of action; administered in sesame oil by intramuscular injection.

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es·tra·di·ol .es-trə-'dī-.ȯl, -.ōl or chiefly Brit oes·tra·di·ol .ē-strə-'dī-.ȯl, ē-'strad-ē-.ȯl, -.ōl n a natural estrogenic hormone that is a phenolic alcohol C18H24O2 secreted chiefly by the ovaries, is the most potent of the naturally occurring estrogens, and is administered in its natural or semisynthetic esterified form esp. to treat menopausal symptoms called also dihydrotheelin see estrace, estraderm

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es·tra·di·ol (es″trə-diґol) (es-traґde-ol) 1. the most potent naturally occurring ovarian and placental estrogen in mammals; it prepares the uterus for implantation of the fertilized oocyte and promotes the maturation and maintenance of the female accessory reproductive organs and secondary sex characters. It has also been produced semisynthetically. It exists in two isomeric forms: the active isomer is estradiol-17β and the inactive is estradiol-17α (formerly called β-estradiol and α-estradiol respectively). 2. [USP] a preparation of this hormone used in estrogen replacement therapy for conditions such as female hypogonadism, ovariectomy, or primary ovarian failure, and in treatment of abnormal uterine bleeding, vasomotor menopausal symptoms, postmenopausal osteoporosis, atrophic vaginitis or urethritis, vulvar squamous metaplasia, and certain advanced breast or prostatic carcinomas; administered orally, transdermally, intravaginally, or by intramuscular injection.

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