SYN: palpebronasal fold. [epi- + G. kanthos, canthus]
- e. inversus a crescentic upward fold of skin from the lower eyelid at the inner canthus; frequent in congenital blepharoptosis.
- e. palpebralis e. arising from the upper lid above the tarsal portion and extending to the lower portion of the orbit.
- e. supraciliaris e. arising from the region of the eyebrows and extending toward the tear sac.
- e. tarsalis e. arising from the tarsal fold and disappearing in the skin close to the inner canthus.

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epi·can·thus -'kan(t)-thəs n EPICANTHIC FOLD

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a vertical fold of skin from the upper eyelid that covers the inner corner of the eye. It is normal in Mongolian races and occurs abnormally in certain congenital conditions, e.g. Down's syndrome.
epicanthalpicanthic adj.

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epi·can·thus (ep″ĭ-kanґthəs) [epi- + canthus] a vertical fold of skin on either side of the nose, sometimes covering the inner canthus. It is present as a normal characteristic in persons of certain races and as a congenital anomaly in others. Called also epicanthal or palpebronasal fold, and plica palpebronasalis [TA].

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