The process that results in propulsion of semen from the genital ducts and urethra to the exterior; caused by the rhythmic contractions of the muscles surrounding the internal genital organs and the ischiocavernous and bulbocavernous muscles, resulting in an increase in pressure on the semen in the internal genital glands and the internal urethra. [L. e-iaculo, pp. -atus, to shoot out]
- premature e. during sexual intercourse, too rapid achievement of climax and e. in the male relative to his own or his partner's wishes.
- retrograde e. delivery of semen ejaculate into the bladder; seen in neurologic disease, diabetes, and occasionally after prostate surgery.

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ejac·u·la·tion i-.jak-yə-'lā-shən n the act or process of ejaculating specif the sudden or spontaneous discharging of a fluid (as semen in orgasm) from a duct see PREMATURE EJACULATION

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the discharge of semen from the erect penis at the moment of sexual climax (orgasm) in the male. The constituents of semen are not released simultaneously, but in the following sequence: the secretion of Cowper's glands followed by that of the prostate gland and the spermatozoa and finally the secretion of the seminal vesicle. See also premature ejaculation.

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ejac·u·la·tion (e-jak″u-laґshən) [L. ejaculatio] a sudden act of expulsion, as of the semen. ejaculatory adj

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