The use of a carefully controlled electric shock, administered either through a device on the exterior of the chest wall or directly to the exposed heart muscle, to restart or normalize heart rhythms.
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The arrest of fibrillation of the cardiac muscle (atrial or ventricular) with restoration of the normal rhythm, if successful.

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de·fi·bril·la·tion (.)dē-.fib-rə-'lā-shən, -.fīb- n restoration (as by an electric shock) of the rhythm of a fibrillating heart
de·fi·bril·late (')dē-'fib-rə-.lāt, -'fīb- vt, -lat·ed; -lat·ing

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administration of a controlled electric shock to restore normal heart rhythm in cases of cardiac arrest due to ventricular fibrillation. The apparatus used is a defibrillator.

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de·fib·ril·la·tion (de-fib″rĭ-laґshən) termination of atrial or ventricular fibrillation, usually by electroshock.

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