Congenital displacement or malposition of any organ or part of the body. SYN: ectopy, heterotopia (1). [G. ektopos, out of place, fr. ektos, outside, + topos, place]
- e. cloacae SYN: cloacal exstrophy.
- e. cordis congenital condition in which the heart is exposed on the chest wall because of maldevelopment of the sternum and pericardium.
- crossed renal e. ectopic kidney located on opposite (contralateral) side of midline from its ureteral insertion into bladder. In most instances, the two renal moieties are fused (crossed fused e.).
- crossed testicular e. testis that has crossed the midline to join its contralateral mate in the contralateral inguinal canal or hemiscrotum.
- e. lentis displacement of the lens of the eye. SYN: dislocation of lens.
- e. lentis et pupillae disorder characterized by corectopia and a subluxed or dislocated lens.
- e. maculae a condition in which one macula is displaced so that the two foveas are not at corresponding retinal points. SYN: heterotopia maculae.
- e. pupillae congenita displacement of the pupil present at birth.
- e. renis displacement of the kidney.
- e. testis SYN: testis e..
- testis e. testis that is malpositioned other than along the normal path of descent. SYN: e. testis, parorchidium.
- thoracoabdominal e. cordis SYN: pentalogy of Cantrell.
- ureteral e. abnormal termination of ureter within the bladder, the urethra, or outside the urinary tract.
- e. vesicae SYN: exstrophy of the bladder.

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ec·to·pia ek-'tō-pē-ə n an abnormal congenital or acquired position of an organ or part <\ectopia of the heart>

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1. the misplacement, due either to a congenital defect or injury, of a bodily part.
2. the occurrence of something in an unnatural location (see also ectopic beat, ectopic pregnancy).
ectopic adj.

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ec·to·pia (ek-toґpe-ə) [Gr. ektopos displaced + -ia] malposition, especially if congenital. Called also ectopy and heterotopia.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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