ectasia, ectasis

Dilation of a tubular structure. [G. ektasis, a stretching]
- annuloaortic e. supravalvular dilation of the aorta involving both its wall and the valve ring, which, however, remains of smaller diameter than the more distal ectatic wall; many cases are related to Marfan syndrome. SYN: aortoannular e..
- aortoannular e. SYN: annuloaortic e..
- e. cordis dilation of the heart.
- diffuse arterial e. spontaneous enlargement with dilation of the vessels.
- familial aortic e. (ek′ta-ze-a) SYN: familial aortic e. syndrome.
- hypostatic e. dilation of a blood vessel, usually a vein, in a dependent portion of the body, as in varicose veins of the leg.
- mammary duct e. dilation of mammary ducts by lipid and cellular debris in older women; rupture of ducts may result in granulomatous inflammation and infiltration by plasma cells. SEE ALSO: plasma cell mastitis.
- e. ventriculi paradoxa SYN: hourglass stomach.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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