Occurrence of one or more convulsions, not attributable to other cerebral conditions such as epilepsy or cerebral hemorrhage, in a patient with preeclampsia. [G. eklampsis, a shining forth]
- puerperal e. convulsions and coma associated with hypertension, edema, or proteinuria occurring in a woman following delivery.
- superimposed e. convulsions occuring in a woman with superimposed preeclampsia.

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ec·lamp·sia i-'klam(p)-sē-ə, e- n a convulsive state: an attack of convulsions: as
a) convulsions or coma late in pregnancy in an individual affected with preeclampsia compare TOXEMIA OF PREGNANCY
b) a condition comparable to milk fever of cows occurring in domestic animals (as dogs and cats)
ec·lamp·tic i-'klam(p)-tik, e- adj

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the occurrence of one or more convulsions not caused by other conditions, such as epilepsy or cerebral haemorrhage, in a woman with pre-eclampsia. The onset of convulsions may be preceded by a sudden rise in blood pressure and/or a sudden increase in oedema and development of oliguria. The convulsions are usually followed by coma. Eclampsia is a threat to both mother and baby and must be treated immediately.

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eclamp·sia (ə-klampґse-ə) [Gr. eklampein to shine forth] 1. convulsions occurring in a pregnant or puerperal woman, associated with preeclampsia, i.e., with hypertension, proteinuria, or edema. 2. puerperal tetany. eclamptic adj

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