An aspect of ataxia, in which the ability to control the distance, power, and speed of an act is impaired. Usually used to describe abnormalities of movement caused by cerebellar disorders. SEE ALSO: hypermetria, hypometria. [dys- + G. metron, measure]
- ocular d. abnormality of ocular movements in which the eyes overshoot on attempting to fixate an object.

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dys·met·ria dis-'me-trē-ə n impaired ability to estimate distance in muscular action

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dys·me·tria (dis-meґtre-ə) [dys- + Gr. metron measure] a condition in which there is improper estimation of distance in muscular acts, with disturbance of the power to control the range of muscular movement, often resulting in overreaching. See also hypermetria and hypometria.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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