Scope, size, magnitude; denoting, in the plural, linear measurements of length, width, and height.
- buccolingual d. the diameter or d. of a premolar or molar tooth from buccal to lingual surface.
- occlusal vertical d. the vertical d. of the face when the teeth or occlusion rims are in contact in centric occlusion; decrease in occlusal vertical d. may result from modification of tooth form by attrition or grinding, drifting of teeth, or, in edentulous patients, by resorption of residual ridges; increase may result from modifications of tooth form, tooth position, height of occlusion rims, rebasing or relining, or occlusal splints.
- rest vertical d. the vertical d. of the face with the jaws in rest relation; decrease in rest vertical d. may or may not accompany a decrease in occlusal vertical d.; it may occur without a decrease in occlusal vertical d. in patients with a preponderant activity of the jaw-closing musculature, as in patients with muscular hypertenseness or in chronic gum chewers; increase in rest vertical d. may or may not accompany an increase in occlusal vertical d.; it sometimes occurs after the removal of remaining occlusal contacts, perhaps as a result of the removal of noxious reflex stimuli.
- vertical d. a vertical measurement of the face between any two arbitrarily selected points which are conveniently located, one above and one below the mouth, usually in the midline. SYN: vertical opening.

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di·men·sion də-'men-chənalso dī- n measure in one direction specif one of three or four coordinates determining a position in space or space and time

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di·men·sion (dĭ-menґshən) a numerical expression, in appropriate units, of a linear measurement of an object, such as an organ or body part.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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