A zoosterol in skin and other animal tissues that upon activation by ultraviolet light becomes antirachitic and is then referred to as cholecalciferol (vitamin D3). SYN: provitamin D3.

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7-de·hy·dro·cho·les·ter·ol 'sev-ən-(.)dē-.hī-drō-kə-'les-tə-.rōl, -.rȯl n a crystalline steroid alcohol C27H43OH that occurs (as in the skin) chiefly in higher animals and humans and that yields vitamin D3 on irradiation with ultraviolet light

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7-de·hy·dro·cho·les·ter·ol (de-hi″dro-kə-lesґtər-ol) a sterol found in the skin; it is the provitamin of cholecalciferol, being converted to that compound upon irradiation by ultraviolet radiation.

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