An intrauterine mass of decidual tissue, probably the result of hyperplasia of decidual cells retained in the uterus. SYN: placentoma.
- Loeb d. mass of decidual tissue produced in the uterus, in the absence of a fertilized ovum, by means of mechanical or hormonal stimulation.

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de·cid·u·oma -'wō-mə n, pl -ma·ta -mət-ə also -mas
1) a mass of tissue formed in the uterus following pregnancy that contains remnants of chorionic or decidual tissue
2) decidual tissue induced in the uterus (as by trauma) in the absence of pregnancy

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de·cid·u·o·ma (də-sid″u-oґmə) [decidua + -oma] an intrauterine mass containing decidual cells.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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