Abbreviation for developmental age (2).
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dark adaptation; dark agouti [rat]; daunomycin; decision analysis; decontaminating agent; degenerative arthritis; degree of anisotropy; delayed action; dental assistant; deoxyadenosine; descending aneurysm; descending aorta; detrusor areflexia; developmental age; dextroamphetamine; diabetic acidosis; differential amplifier; differential analyzer; differentiation antigen; digital angiography; digital to analog [converter]; diphenylchlorarsine; Diploma in Anesthetics; direct agglutination; disability assistance; disaggregated; discriminant analysis; dissecting aneurysm; distal arthrogryposis; dopamine; drug addict, drug addiction; drug administration; ductus arteriosus

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DA abbr delayed action

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developmental age; diphenylchlorarsine.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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