1. Symbol for the vitamin D potency of cod liver oil, multiples of which (5D, 100D, etc.) are used to designate the vitamin D potency of irradiated ergosterol (viosterol) or other substances; for deuterium; for dihydrouridine in nucleic acid s; for diffusing capacity; for aspartic acid; dihydrouridine; diffusion coefficient (in italics). 2. In optics, abbreviation for diopter; for dexter (right). 3. In electrodiagnosis, abbreviation for duration, the current flowing and the circuit being closed. 4. In dental formulas, abbreviation for deciduous (2). 5. As a subscript, refers to dead space. See physiologic dead space. 6. D line in Na emission spectra.
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absorbed dose aspartic acid; cholecalciferol; coefficient of diffusion; dacryon; dalton; date; daughter; day; dead; dead air space; debye; deceased; deciduous; decimal reduction time; degree; density; dental; dermatologic, dermatologist, dermatology; deuterium; deuteron; development; deviation; dextro; dextrose; diabetic; diagnosis; diagonal; diameter; diaphorase; diarrhea; diastole; diathermy; died; difference; diffusion, diffusing; diffusion coefficient; dihydrouridine; dilution [rate]; diopter; diplomate; dipyridamole; disease; dispense; displacement [loop]; distal; distance [focus-object]; diuresis; diurnal; divergence; diversity; diverticulum; divorced; doctor; dog; donor; dorsal; double [pacemaker]; drive; drug; dual; duct; duodenum, duodenal; duration; dwarf; electric displacement; mean dose; right [Lat. dexter]; unit of vitamin D potency

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D symbol deuterium

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diffusing capacity; dalton; deciduous (teeth; see under tooth); density; deuterium; died; diopter; distal; dorsal vertebrae (D1 through D12); dose; duration; dwarf (colony); decimal reduction time.

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