A lysosomal storage disorder with various forms, all with autosomal recessive inheritance. The nephropathic form of early childhood is characterized by widespread deposits of cystine crystals throughout the body, including the bone marrow, cornea, and other tissues, with mild elevation of plasma cystine and cystinuria; associated with a marked generalized aminoaciduria, glycosuria, polyuria, chronic acidosis, hypophosphatemia with vitamin D-resistant rickets, and often with hypokalemia; other extrarenal manifestations include photophobia and hypothyroidism; due to a defect in the transport of cystine across lysosomal membranes caused by mutation in the CTNS gene on 17p. There is a milder form with onset in adolescence [MIM*219900] and one with onset in adulthood without kidney damage [MIM*219750]; the latter two forms are thought to be allelic to the nephropathic form of early childhood. SYN: cystine storage disease. [cystine + G. -osis, condition]

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cys·ti·no·sis .sis-tə-'nō-səs n, pl -no·ses -.sēz a recessive autosomally inherited disease characterized esp. by cystinuria and deposits of cystine throughout the body
cys·ti·not·ic -'nät-ik adj

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an inborn defect in the metabolism of amino acids, leading to abnormal accumulation of the amino acid cystine in the blood, kidneys, and lymphatic system. See also Fanconi syndrome.

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cys·ti·no·sis (sis″tĭ-noґsis) a group of lysosomal storage diseases caused by mutations in the CTNS gene (locus: 17p13), which encodes cystinosin, characterized by widespread intralysosomal accumulation of cystine crystals and consequent cell and tissue destruction. Called also cystine storage disease and Lignac-Fanconi syndrome.

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