SYN: skin. [L.]
- c. anserina contraction of the arrectores pilorum produced by cold, fear, or other stimulus, causing the follicular orifices to become prominent. SYN: goose flesh, gooseflesh.
- c. laxa [MIM*123700] SYN: dermatochalasis.
- c. marmorata a normal, physiologic, pink, marblelike mottling of the skin in infants, persisting abnormally in some children on exposure to cold.
- c. marmorata telangiectatica congenita capillary-venous cutaneous malformation with “marbled” appearance. SYN: Van Lohuizen syndrome.
- c. rhomboidalis nuchae geometric furrowed configurations of the skin of the back of the neck as a result of prolonged exposure to sunlight with solar elastosis.
- c. vera SYN: dermis.
- c. verticis gyrata a congenital condition in which the skin of the scalp is hypertrophied and thrown into folds forming anterior to posterior furrows; it may be a component of pachydermoperiostosis.

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cu·tis 'kyüt-əs n, pl cu·tes 'kyü-.tēz or cu·tis·es DERMIS

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cu·tis (kuґtis) [L.] [TA] skin.

Medical dictionary. 2011.


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